Japanning Kit - Baked Metal Coating

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Product Overview


Biosymph’s Japanning Compound is a mixture of drying oils, low volatile solvents, and powdered Gilsonite.

It is suitable for coating the surfaces of metal articles with finishes hardened by oven heating and curing by applying heat-dried layers.

This product has been designed to meet the needs of restoring old, and creating new, products using today’s product formulations and raw materials, but still rendering the same finish and properties as intended by the original product. This state-of-the-art high temperature finish is performance oriented and environmentally compliant.

The japanned finish gives a high solids coating with a medium temperature resistance of up to 160°C. The chemistry used in this coating maximizes performance with reduced VOC content. For effective cross-linking of the paint to a metal surface, a staged bake cycle is recommended.

Biosymph’s Japanning Compound has a special solvent package that aids application but has lower VOC than other standard high temperature coatings and paints.

Biosymph’s Japanning Compound is specially formulated to be used on metal surfaces, planes and tools, vehicle engine components, arts & crafts, decorative items, and other applications that require a glossy black, med temperature, rust protected and hard finish.

It is not recommended that any solvents or additives be added to this product. It can however be slightly thinned with 2-Butoxyethanol thinner if required.

The colour is black.

Our Japanning Kit contains:

  • 1 Litre Japanning Compound.
  • 0.5 Liter Japanning Cleaning Solution
  • 1 x pair safety glasses
  • 1 x nose / mouth mask
  • 1 x pair latex disposable gloves
  • 1 x Mini Oven 9 Ltr Curing Oven
  • 1 x 25mm Application Brush
  • Instructions and Japanning Technique



  • Excellent film integrity and colour (to 160 °C)
  • Provides excellent film quality
  • The fully cured coating allows for cleaning with typical household cleaners without affecting the finish (not recommended to be used in a dish washer or very hot water)
  • Lower VOC emissions
  • Improved Mar Resistance



For more detailed information please see our documents below.

  • Physical Properties:
    Viscosity ASTM D 9000cps 18-22 sec #3 Zahn Cup
    High Gloss ASTM D 523 >70 GU @ 60 degrees
    Cure Schedule staged, Air dry /1hr + 95 °C /1hr + 120 °C /1hr + 150 °C /1hr
    Volume Solids 70-75%
    Material VOC ASTM D-3960 504 g/l
    Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 3H+
    1/8 Mandrel ASTM D 522 Pass
    Salt Fog ASTM B117 80 Hrs. +
    Adhesion ASTM D 3357 Pass 5B
    QUV No gloss loss @ 350 hrs.
    Rec. DFT (Aluminized) 12 -40 microns
    Rec. DFT (Mild Steel) 20-50 microns
    Clean-up mineral turpentine
    Thinning up to 8% with 2-Butoxyethanol

  • Safety:
    This product contains solvents and/or other chemical ingredients. Adequate health and safety precautions should be observed during all storage and use. Use in a well-ventilated area.

    DON’T use your kitchen domestic oven to bake and cure the japanning compound – use a separate dedicated oven as per our kit.



These documents contain important information about:

  • Material Safety Data
  • General Information
  • Application
  • Storage
  • Safe use
  • First Aid
  • Clean Up
  • Warranty
  • Available Packing Sizes
  • and more information

Note: To view the following PDF documents, you will require some type of PDF-reader plugin on your system.
If you need an up-to-date plugin you can install Adobe's free PDF reader from here.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Product Data Sheet (PDS)


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