Asphalt, Stone&Concrete Coatings

Biosymph is a manufacturer of concrete protective coating and asphalt coating products in New Zealand. We offer a full range of products including:

Asphalt Coating: Our bitumen Asphalt Renew coating can be used for a variety of applications including driveways, parking lots, roads, and more.

Concrete Protective Coating: Our concrete protective coating and stain provides a protective layer that helps prevent damage to your concrete surfaces from water, chemicals, salt and other harsh elements. Our concrete and paver stain is available in a variety of colours including black, brown, grey and red.

Concrete Waterproofing Coatings: Our concrete waterproofing coatings protect your concrete walls and floors from water intrusion by creating a barrier between the ground and the surface of your concrete substrate.

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All our Asphalt, Stone and Concrete coatings and Products are 100% New Zealand Manufactured in Hamilton
We offer FREE delivery country wide for rural and non rural addresses
Innovative products - Lowest prices - No middleman - Direct from manufacturer

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