Water Proofing & Sealers

Water Proofing & Sealers

Biosymph is one of the most trusted names in waterproofing and sealers. Biosymph provides a wide range of Products, from timber waterproofing products to concrete waterproofing sealer products.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best concrete waterproofing products, along with roof waterproofing products, floor waterproofing products, waterproof brick sealer and waterproof paint sealer.
Our waterproofing & sealers products are available in a variety of systems, colours and finishes. We also have a range of application tools such as rollers and brushes available to help you get the best results with your project. We have some of the best sealants NZ has to offer.
Our timber sealer is ideal for use on all types of wood including pine, macrocarpa, kauri and many more. It's easy to apply with no need for sanding or priming so it's perfect for DIY projects around the house or garden shed! The waterproof paint sealer and waterproof brick sealer will protect your walls against moisture damage and mildew growth by forming a barrier between the surface and any moisture sources underneath (such as cracks in brickwork). This means there'll be no need for costly repairs later down the line!
Free Delivery is available on all of our sealers and waterproofing products NZ wide. 

Mob: 022-607-6400   eMail: Admin@biosymph.co.nz

All our Products are 100% New Zealand Manufactured in Hamilton

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