Roof Coatings

We manufacture a wide range of roofing products that can be used to repair, paint and coat metal, decromastic, bitumen and concrete tile roofs. We specialise in coloured metal roof coating which is ideal for creating a new look on your steel roof.

Our roofing products include:
Roof top coats – This is an alkyd oil based coating that will provide an attractive finish to your steel roof. It provides protection against corrosion and UV rays, while also increasing the durability of your steel roof, this product is ideally suited as a top coat over a primer or sealer coat like GilsoFlex.

Roof sealer and paint – This product can be applied directly to your existing concrete tile or metal roof coating or used as prime rand waterproofing membrane before painting it with our top coat product like ClimoPlate. It also provides protection against corrosion.

Roof repair products – These products come in handy when you need to fix up some minor damage to your metal roof coating or steel roof coating such as rust spots or scratches from falling debris like rocks or branches from trees overhead or even closing up old nail holes.

We offer free delivery on all products, including Roof Coating NZ wide!


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All our Roof coatings and Products are 100% New Zealand Manufactured in Hamilton
We offer FREE delivery country wide for rural and non rural addresses
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