BioPhene – Versatile multi substrate paint

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Product Overview


BioPhene ™ is a New Zealand manufactured, HIGH Quality, dense Alkyd / Bitumen co-polymer, solvent based GRAPHENE / ALUMINIUM reflective coating, developed primarily for New Zealand outdoor conditions.

BioPhene ™ is specifically, but not exclusively formulated to act as a versatile Graphene paint that can be used on a wide range of substrates. It is ideally suited for painting of exposed metal roofs while extending the life of the roof, cement tile roofs, steel and timber structures. It is compatible and suitable to be used on a wide range of substrates. We do recommend that you do a test paint patch first to ensure it is compatible with your coated or uncoated substrate before painting the entire project.

Because of the Bitumen’s disinfecting effect, it will retard the growth of moss or lichen. The leafing Aluminium provide a resilient yet flexible coating with maximum UV protection.
Substrate surface preparation requirements are minimal.

Typically only one coat of paint is required but for better coverage we do recommend two coats. One (1) Litre will cover approximately 4 to 5 Square Meters, depending on the substrate.

  • 4ltr will cover approximately 16 to 20 Square Meters
  • 10ltr will cover approximately 40 to 50 Square Meters

BioPhene ™ is intended primarily for surface application by brushing, rolling or airless spraying.

BioPhene ™ is guaranteed for 8 years and a re-coat might be required after 10 years.

Currently BioPhene is only available in a dark almost charcoal black Bronze colour.



  • BioPhene ™ is a graphene oil/solvent based Bitumen/Alkyd paint containing Turbostratic Graphene and Leafing Aluminium. And it is suitable over a wide range of substrates.
  • BioPhene ™ is a flexible coating and will not break down due to distortion and movement, caused by weather exposure. Graphene stands out for being tough, flexible, light, and with a high resistance. It's calculated that graphene is 200 times more resistant than steel and five times lighter than aluminium.
  • BioPhene ™ is non-corrosive to metals and can be painted directly over bitumen based products like GilsoFlex, bare steel, weathered galvanised, powder coated, minor surface rust or previously painted steel and concrete with minimum surface preparation requirements.
  • BioPhene ™ has a 750% higher bending modulus than paints without graphene. Our scrub tests show a 40% more durable and harder wearing surface than paints without graphene. The addition of graphene also improves the tensile strength of the coating. Leafing Aluminium is added for maximum UV protection. For more information about graphene please see our product documentation below.
  • BioPhene ™ is suitable on metal and concrete tile roofs. It can also be used on concrete brick and block work, plywood and timber and other structures and substrates.



For more detailed information please see our documents below.

Packaging:Available in 4 and 10 Litre metal open top paint pails.
For Use On:Suitable for use on any cement tile and corrugated steel roofs, Decramastic roofs, bitumen roofs, steel structures, timber, concrete brick and block work, other structures and substrates.
Surface Preparation:Ensure surface is dry, dust free and not contaminated (Remove Contamination, moss, mould and any old, loose and flaky paint and rust before coating)
Colour:When applied it will be a high gloss Bronze colour, although after setting (approx. 3-4 weeks) it will turn to a semi-gloss bronze final finish.
Before Applying:The paint should be thoroughly stirred for at least 5 mins.
Application:Brush, Roller, Spray (we supply a suitable spray thinner if required)
Coverage:Depends upon surface:
– Tile roofs typically 3 - 5 m2/litre.
– Corrugated metal roofs typically 4 - 5 m2/litre.
No of Coats:Generally only one coat required, a second coat can be applied dependent on the condition of the roof and colour depth required.
Recoat Time:As soon as previous coat is touch dry (approximately 4 hours), an additional coat can be applied if required.
Drying Time:Generally allow 24 hours, depending on surface and ambient conditions for the paint to be completely dry. The paint will be fully set in a few weeks and the colour will change from a gloss to a semi-gloss finish.
Thinners:Not recommended, however for spraying please see our web-site for a suitable thinner.
Clean Up:Clean equipment using recommended thinner, kerosine or mineral turpentine
Durability:Recoat after 10 summers if required. In harsh climatic areas a recoat might be required sooner.
Shelf Life:Keep/store in a dry, cool well-ventilated area. This product can gel/split if exposed to extreme high or low temperatures. Typical storage time is 6 months.
– Contains volatile solvent, keep away from heat and open flame.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Keep closed when not in use, avoid breathing vapour - ensure good air flow when applying.
– Stir very regularly during application to ensure consistency of product.
– Do not apply if surface temperature is below 5°C or above 50°C
Storage, Handling Safety:Refer to attached Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) also refer to attached “Health and Safety in the Surface Coating Industry” Brief 3, October 2007 as published by the Department of Labour.



These documents contain important information about:

  • Material Safety Data
  • General Information
  • Application
  • Storage
  • Safe use
  • First Aid
  • Clean Up
  • Warranty
  • Available Packing Sizes
  • and more information

Note: To view the following PDF documents, you will require some type of PDF-reader plugin on your system.
If you need an up-to-date plugin you can install Adobe's free PDF reader from here.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Product Data Sheet (PDS)

“Health and Safety in the Surface Coating Industry” Brief 3, October 2007 as published by the Department of Labour.




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