Arts & Craft Bitumen Solution 200ml

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Our A&C Bitumen (Arts&Craft Bitumen) Solution is a specifically formulated, fast drying bitumen/Gilsonite thinned to a suitable working viscosity using a combination of low volatile solvents.

It is a versatile product ideally suited for foil work and other arts & crafts, please see the photos above and the selected videos below for inspiration and application idea.



  • A&C Bitumen (Arts&Craft Bitumen) is a versatile multi purpose black arts&crafts bitumen/gilsonite, solvent mixture.
  • Easy to mix and use for all your arts and crafts. Ideally suited for foil work.



For inspiration and more information please see our photos and the selected video clips and also our documents below.

Application Instructions:

Safety First:
Please wear disposable rubber gloves when handling bitumen.
Use in a well ventilated area as the bitumen mixture does contain solvents that will evaporate.
Always wear eye protection, as splashes can occur.

Mixing Instructions:
The bitumen viscosity can be changes to suit your personal preference by thinning it with some mineral turpentine

Clean up:
Clean hands with plenty of soap and warm water to remove any bitumen.
You can clean working surfaces, brushes etc. with mineral turpentine.

It is recommended to use disposable gloves during application.



These documents contain important information about:

  • Material Safety Data
  • General Information
  • Application
  • Storage
  • Safe use
  • First Aid
  • Clean Up
  • Warranty
  • Available Packing Sizes
  • and more information

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